You're considering seeking help. The time is now.

You’re experiencing a challenging time in  your life. Maybe an event or stressor has left you with little hope or  energy for your responsibilities. Perhaps it’s been difficult to enjoy  life and your relationships. Possibly some mental health symptoms have cropped up. Or maybe you would like to appreciate life more, living each moment in the present unburdened by stress or the past.

It's  positive that you are considering psychotherapy. With many struggles, it is helpful to receive treatment as soon as possible, potentially leading to a quicker recovery and less long-term consequences.

You might be surprised to learn that most people would benefit from the  support of a mental health professional at some point in their lives. The American Psychological Association reports that psychotherapy can be incredibly helpful to those diagnosed with psychological disorders but it can also help individuals who just need additional support or would like to improve their quality of life.

The idea of opening  up and sharing personal thoughts and feelings with someone you just met might feel intimidating. It is absolutely normal to be nervous. The discomfort should pass quickly as you become comfortable with me. 


What can you expect from psychotherapy with me?

-Time to put into words, thoughts, emotions, memories and experiences

-Exploration so that we may both better understand your struggles, leading to insight

-Feedback including encouragement, and support

-Suggestions and strategies that are based on experience, theory and research

-Homework-change happens quickest when you're also working outside of sessions