You've made a first step. consider another.

Seeking out help can be anxiety provoking. Just checking out therapist websites is a positive first step. If you're not ready to make an appointment, consider reaching out to me with questions.

I offer a free phone consultation to learn more about my practice and approach to counseling and psychotherapy. This consultation is an opportunity for us to determine whether my services will be the best fit for your needs. If we conclude that a different service might work better, I am happy to provide referrals. 

Committing to psychotherapy involves a financial and time commitment, I know. We will work hard to make the most of this investment in your well being.

Intake: $190

Sessions: $165

Blue Cross/Blue Shield and EHP insurance plans are accepted.  For all other plans, receipts are provided so that you may seek reimbursement from your insurance company. Copays and other fees may be paid by check or credit card.  

If you choose to contact me, please include your phone number and insurance information. 


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